Tendai Charasika

Chief Strategy Officer for Saling Wealth Advisors

BIO: Tendai Charasika is a former University of Louisville Football Cardinal and a lifelong Cardinals fan as a native of Louisville, Kentucky. 

Presently, Mr. Charasika serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for Saling Wealth Advisors. He is also an Advisor to the University of Louisville's Office of Research and Innovation, where he serves as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR) helping faculty and staff evaluate and eventually commercialize the technology. 

Mr. Charasika further serves the University of Louisville by sitting on the College of Business's Board of Advisors. 

He is a two-time graduate of the University of Louisville receiving both a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the JB Speed School of Engineering and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in Entrepreneurship from the College of Business.

Tendai Charasika